Neelam and Eric – Married



Neelam and Eric brought two of the richest cultures in the world together in a one of  a kind wedding  ceremony. Under the gorgeous Mandap or Huppah, the beautiful bride and the handsome groom took their seven steps together,  signed their Ketubah, fed each other sweets and drank from the Kiddush cup after the Seven Blessings were recited. The ceremony was a perfect confluence of Indian and Jewish traditions. The festivities continued through the evening with sumptuous dinner and fun and dance. Congratulations and best wishes to Neelam and Eric on beginning a wonderful life together! Here are some glimpses from the most cherished moments in their life…

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Nimisha and Marcel – Married



Nimisha and Marcel got married in a simple yet elegant wedding ceremony witnessed by their loving families and friends. The coming together of two cultures in the most sacred bond of love was simply breathtaking. The wedding party was a lot of fun as you can see from some of the images here. Congratulations, Nimisha and Marcel !!

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CIDY – Basant 2012 – Prem Se Bolo





Nadanta artists presented “Basant – Prem Se Bolo” on April 1, 2012 at Costick Center in Farmington Hills. Artists as young as 4 years enthralled the audience with a message of universal love through their beautiful dances under the artistic guidance of their Guru and choreographer Chaula Thacker. Enjoy some glimpses from an evening of melodious music and artistic dance performances.

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Minu and Sonny – Married


Minu and Sonny tied the knot during the colorful midwest fall season. The wedding ceremony was just as colorful with the beautiful bride looking gorgeous in the traditional red dress beside the handsome groom in his princely attire. Congratulations to the Gill family for hosting two days of wedding festivities with meticulous arrangements and fun-filled time for friends and family!  We had the opportunity to capture some of those beautiful moments through our camera. Enjoy!!

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